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Del Sol Furniture In-House Credit Financing

Why Del Sol Furniture In-House Credit Financing is Better than Rent to Own!

Furniture, Mattresses, Appliances, Electronics in Arizona, Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria

Rent to Own Example

Original Purchase Price $1048

At Rent to Own Company X, they advertise that you can take a television home for $26.99 a week for 104 weeks (2 years).

Sounds great right? Take this TV home, no down payment and just pay $26.99 a week and eventually I will own it.

What you are really paying for with Rent to Own: You are paying $26.99 X 104 weeks = Total of $2,806.96!

That’s an interest charge of about 122% APR!

Del Sol Credit Example

Original Purchase price $1048

  • Add a Down payment of $100

  • New Amount to Finance $948

  • Financed with Del Sol Credit for the same term as the Rent to Own contract of 104 weeks (2 years).

  • Del Sol's Monthly payment comes out to $54.98 per Month!

So, For 24 monthly payments (2 Years) of $54.98 You are only paying = Total of $1319.52

Plus your initial down payment of $100

The Total cost to own the same television ends up being:  $1419.52

With Del Sol Credit the same product would only cost you $1,419.52!,  That’s $1,387.44 cheaper than Rent to Own! Almost 50% less than Rent to Own!

Why would you ever want to Rent to Own?

Get started with Del Sol Credit, and get Approved for Credit Today!

Just call or come in to any of our locations in Phoenix, or Glendale, or contact us online to receive a same day response!

It only takes a few minutes.

Still not sure? Visit our FAQ Credit Section to find answers to our most common credit questions.