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2020 Design Trends

sofa and coffee table

A new decade is here, which brings new interior styles and deposits the old. In the coming year, expect to see more of some trends and less of others, since style is an evolution. Here is our list of our top styles that are in and out:


Bold colors, prints, and patterns: The market became too saturated with all grey and white rooms, so color is back and this time in full force with pattern play thrown throughout. Think bold furniture to match any space.

Fun bathroom designs: Bathrooms are small, making them the perfect space to have a little fun and experiment

Performance fabrics: Perfect spaces deserve to be on the out list. Make your home livable, and performance fabric is just the trick to have worry-free, beautiful furniture.

Traditional Furniture: Classic shapes, prints, and decor are back in full force. Modernize them with contrasting sleek lines, or fully embrace the glance to days of old.

Monochromatic spaces: With the influx of color comes monochromatic designs, but instead of the typical all white or grey, now we’re seeing all bold hues like royal blue.


Industrial design: Industrial designs are cold and this new design season is all about warmth and making a house a home. If you enjoy industrial pieces, warm them with traditional pieces and textured fabrics.

White everything: All white rooms, especially kitchens and trim, are out! Trim is a place to have fun these days, especially with the contrast of black, and color is in, as stated above.