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How to Start Designing Your Space

Decorating is an exciting way to add a personal touch to your rooms and truly make a house feel like home, but it can be an overwhelming task. Before you begin, ask yourself these questions to help guide your design decisions:

  • How will the space be used?

What is the function of the space? Determining how the space will be used will help answer what furniture needs the room has as well as dictating the layout. Don’t forget to pay attention to the space and play off of its unique features if it has any.

  • How large is the space?

The size of the space determines the size of the furniture and how much furniture can be included in the room. If you have furniture already, it also will determine if your current furniture fits the space, or if you will need new furniture that more closely matches the size and scale of the room. There are many ways to make a large or small space have all the storage and homely feels.

  • What styles interest you?

The great thing about the popular styling today is that contrasting styles/elements are popular! The new can easily accent and update the old. A great way to discover your personal style is to collect pictures, pins, Instagram posts, art work, fabric, magazine pieces and everything else that interests you and notice common trends. There are also countless design quizzes to help you narrow down your style even more.

  • What furniture do you already have that you want to use? What do you need?

Starting with what you have is a great way to determine what you need. This is also a great time to discard your college couch and upgrade to one that matches your personal design aesthetic. If there are pieces you want to keep, you can select others that complement them to help complete the space.

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