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How to Find the Perfect Mattress for You in Arizona!

Mattress Hero

Let’s start with the mattress

  • Do you prefer a firm, soft, or possibly something in between surface?
  • Do you sleep on your back, stomach or side?
  • Do you have allergies that may require organic or natural materials?

Know your Warranty

  • Each mattress can have a different warranty
  • They range from 1 year to 20 years
  • Make sure you use a mattress protector as warranties are voided if mattresses have any stains on them

Which Foundation do you need?

  • Do you even need a foundation? Some bed frames don’t need one.
  • If you do need one, keep in mind the height that you need.
  • Our options are:
  • 2”
  • 4”
  • 8”
  • You can see all of our foundations here.

Adjustable beds are for people who want more than just a place to sleep!

Adjustable Base Mattress

They have evolved a lot over the years becoming that perfect place to relax, work, read, watch TV, and more. They can also help those who have problems breathing or suffer from acid reflux, circulation, back, neck, or hip pain. While adjustable beds do offer a possible solution to so many of our everyday problems, they have also become a futuristic answer to the way we live!

Adjustable bases are complex with much to be considered.

  • What features do you want?
  • USB Ports
  • Wired vs. Wireless Remotes
  • Programmable Memory Positions
  • Massage
  • Wall-Hugging Capabilities
  • Do you prefer a split base or not?
  • Is there a bedframe you love and want it to fit in?
  • Delivery and Installation are a key feature.

Shopping for an adjustable bed can be confusing, but don’t worry, we have something for everyone so give us a call today or take a look at our buying guide.