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Preserve Your Wood Dining Room Table

dining room table

The holidays are approaching, which means family and friends will gather around the table, eat, and enjoy the company of loved ones. With that in mind, make sure you take care of your wood dining room table so it is not damaged in the chaos and demands of the holiday season. Your wood dining room table is a timeless, beautiful, and at times, costly, addition to your home, which is why proper care is key. With these tips your table will be beautiful for years to come!

  1. Use placemats or a tablecloth: There are so many beautiful placemats, chargers, and table cloths for all different styles, seasons, and occasions that they can really add personality to your table, not to mention preserving it.
  2. Use a wood-specific cleaner: Wood-specific cleaners are a guaranteed safe option for the wood and also have a conditioning element to keep its sheen. If you use a microfiber towel, it will be extra nourishing for the table.
  3. Protect your table from your decor: Some types of decor can actually scratch the table when they are moved, but this problem can be easily eliminated by placing felt pads on the bottom of d?cor and not placing waxy items like candles directly on the wood. Anything that could stain, scratch, or contain moisture should be carefully monitored!
  4. Dust frequently: You don’t need to condition everyday, but dusting frequently will also help with not letting any particles scratch your table.